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Dear Guests!

Please enter to our sunlit house, into the most floral restaurant!
In every season there is something intersting over here.

  • in spring the garden, the menu card and the wine list are renewed,
  • in summer our guests are welcomed by the delightful flowers,
  • in autumn our terrace is conjured to a heated winter garden and we put recent dishes and drinks to the table among the moved in plants and flowers,
  • in winter we eat and drink free from care.

The richness of our dishes is well known by the people who had ever been to our restaurant.
Then again few knows from our drinks that in Gőry the wine list is so rich and demanding: we serve over 40 sort of wines from the area. Who had ever thought that the home bottled Kövidinka is living it's new age here nearby the palm trees, but you can find wines from Csongrádi too: Cabernet Franc, or Csongrádi Kékfrankos, as the wines of Prince Árpád.

Be our guest, come right in!